Online Betting in India

Soccer betting or for that matter any online betting in India is still in its infancy. People are still afraid to transact online, but this mentality is sure to change in the near future. This article is basically for Indians who wish to bet online and have no idea how to start. Even if you are from another country and wish to start betting, you can follow the instructions below.

For starters, betting is illegal in India. However, bookies still carry on their trade some way or another. The risk is too large and there is always a fear of being caught.

This is one of the reasons I switched to online betting. Basically, I bet with bookies in another country where betting is completely legal. For e.g. UK, Spain etc. You can bet with them on  soccer as well as other sports as well like Cricket, Hockey, Tennis etc. Here’s how to get started.

The process is simple

1)        Go to the Bookie Site. They best bookie is
      I personally use them any they always pay on time.

2)       Register an account with Betfair
3)       Fund that account
4)       Start betting

Step 1 and 2 and 4 is easy. Step 3 is the tricky one. Usually online Bookmakers accept credit/debit cards. However, Indian credit/debit cards don’t usually work with them. There is a workaround to this

1) Go to (Moneybookers is an online payment processor)

2) Register an account with them
3) Fund your Moneybookers bookers account
4) Fund your Betfair account using Moneybookers

There is another workaround

1) Got to
2) Register and account and you will get a free virtual prepaid debit card
3) Fund that card (a small fee will be charged)
4) Use the prepaid card to fund your Betfair account

Hope this information helps and Happy betting!!

P.S: If you face any trouble registering your account, just leave a comment and I’ll answer it.